by Goldmill

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released October 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Goldmill San Antonio, Texas

Vocals: Jake
Guitar: Rick
Guitar: Xavier
Drums: Drew

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Track Name: Bourgeois Dreams
Shall I fill my heart with reminders of life's transience, and despair as they decay? Or feign contentment as I reach for more and slowly rot away?

Empty philosophies give birth to empty lives
Lacking all sincerity we've paid the highest price

I want something more

Shameful proclivities expose my humanity
But in the end I provide my own authority
Controlled not by propensities
I reject these shallow tendencies

I will not breathe the toxic air of influence
and subject myself to insidious corrosion
With persistence I will seek the truth
And be not hindered by damaged youth
Track Name: Beyond the Grave
Tear away tranquility
Destroy the pretense and embrace anxiety
For new life was just a pretext
The truth burns:
Our fear of damnation
Was the reason we sought salvation

Yet denial fortified our hearts and minds
And we tore ourselves from the grasp of careful consideration:

Could truth lie outside that institution in which we were raised?

Every breath grows more shallow than the last as purpose eludes the inquiring mind. Meaning was forged only under the auspices of faith that's blind.

Does any legacy truly transcend icy depths or a fiery end?
Or does any conviction survive the graves of the dead?
Track Name: Unrelenting
I dragged my hand across the lake
And prayed for the same stillness
Recalling words of old
He gives and he takes away
He takes away

The air vacated my lungs
My request disappeared
As it left my tongue

The silence

But the truth is unrelenting
And sometimes it leaves us empty
I've pulled myself up from my knees
And I'm not repenting

For where is the value in wishful thinking?
At what point do we stop believing?

Some still say
It's an issue of content and method
But my conviction failed
My conviction failed

Is there an affair
Of greater import
Than the saving of a man's soul?
There cannot be
Yet my appeals shattered to pieces
Against the ground

The air vacated my lungs
My request disappeared
It was unanswered

The truth is

The burn of veridicality
The sting of veracity
The truth is unrelenting
But from the chains it sets us free
Track Name: Facing Qualia
Breathe in
And feel the melody move deep within
Breathe out
Exhale and it's just sinking in

The sky painted black
Overflowing with countless suns
Lying motionless
One moment of peace

If we are mechanical
Whence comes emotional depth?
Yet can dualistic ideas
Explain causal relations?

Events subject to the study of physiology
Need not give rise to complex psychology

How could they ever provoke
subjective experience
How could they ever provoke
A feeling

Can you reduce me?
If you reduce me
Then what's left?

Can I ever truly know myself, and become enlightened, if my identity is fundamentally shrouded in mystery, beyond the finite reach of knowledge?
Track Name: Worthless Discourse
I lack any profound insight
Yet I search truly for what is right
I lay to rest
What illusions I can
Knowing that I am just a man

Sometimes I fear that
Humanity's wasted
The qualities that
Have defined us

And has given them up
has given them up
And replaced them

With dogmatism
Refusing to listen
With blind opinion
It blocks our vision

It makes us less than what we are

What is the point in speaking if no one listens?
Language reduced to a triviality